What’s Love Got To Do With It


This week started out a bit rough for me with some unexpected hurdles to jump. Except, I won’t be jumping because one of those hurdles involved a broken toe (insert a good hearty ouch right here). So, I’m posting midweek instead of my usual Monday post.

I want to take some time and talk about Love. I’ve talked about Love in the past but it’s a topic that I LOVE to talk about (see what I did there?). Love is the basis of all. If we don’t have Love then what do we have? Everyone loves something in their life. We Love our possessions, family, children, careers, hobbies, pets, etc., and hopefully each other.

Today I feel God laid it on my heart to consider what Love is and what Love has to do with life. I started to consider my Love for others. Am I in Love with other people and their needs? This question came to my mind and I felt lost for a minute. Of course, I want to Love others but I need to be in Love with others and not just in Love with the idea.

Next, I considered God’s Love for me. How deep, how wide, and how amazing is his Love. These words can become typical words that we know we should relate to God’s Love for us. In my mind, I sometimes have a poor habit of viewing God as unhappy with me. I’m someone who has been scared by the church and I’m quick to see negative in my walk with God.

Today I stopped and I listened to the sweet voice of God and I realized how deep his Love is for me.

His Love is peace
His Love is comfort
His Love is strong
His Love is forever
His Love will not end
He will not give up on me
His Love is more than my failures
His Love is more than my sins
His Love is greater than my doubts
He is mine and I am His

Consider for a moment how beautiful these words are. My heart wants to cry when I consider how greatly I fail God and how his mercy is quick to lift me back up. I’m so glad his spirit moved me today to consider both his Love and my Love. I don’t ever want to forget his Love and his mercy. I don’t want to take advantage of his Love for me, take it for granted, or ever discard it. I want to Love others and forgive others with the same Love God has for me. I want my light of Love to shine.

If there is one thing I can say about myself that is positive, it’s my heart is tender. I’m quick to Love, quick to feel for others, but I often fail to show that Love. I tend to get caught up in my failure and feel unworthy to move in his kingdom. Moving forward I intend to let my light shine.