Hollywood With a Touch of Twang – My Trip to Music City

April has been a busy busy month for me. Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Nashville Tennessee. My Husband and I have talked about visiting Nashville for quite awhile now. The trip was a work related trip but we still found opportunity to see some of the city. There were several great places to shop and we even stumbled upon a Louis Vuitton store. Now I don’t know about you but I have to drive an hour to my nearest Louis store. So yeah, Nashville is a pretty awesome place. If you haven’t visited I suggest you do! We plan to visit again so we can enjoy the trip without working.

I knew I would I enjoy the city because I grew-up with a unique blend of northern and southern roots. My grandparents were an amazing set of southern people and I gained a deep appreciation of the south from them. I also lived in Tennessee for quite a few years and I love the beauty of the state. Nashville is a whole different type of southern beauty though!

I have a love for stories from the past and memories from times gone by. These interests blend into an odd love of country music. Especially classic country hits. I also appreciate some modern country hits from time to time. Nashville is a wonderful blend of all country eras enriched with history. The area has a very nostalgic feel and I enjoyed feeling like I was stepping into some of my favorite songs.

We stayed in the Gorgeous Omni Hotel located in Downtown Nashville. The hotel was absolutely gorgeous, clean, super friendly, and in other randomness smelled delicious! I still want to sniff my suitcase! I highly recommend a stay at the Omni.

 The hotel lobby was stunning! I couldn’t help but take a few pictures of the lighting. I have an obsession with light fixtures. They are great for photos! I’m glad I was able to snap some quick and fun photos during my stay. If I go back I plan to take even more.


The view was amazing, the room was amazing, the hotel staff were amazing, and if you haven’t caught on yet the theme I’m going for here is amazing. I enjoyed the scenic views from each area and floor of the hotel. I could live in the hotel with the valet parking, downtown location, and delicious southern food!


 Our room was super gorgeous and echoed the culture of country music and southern hospitality. The room was decorated perfectly and I wanted the Tennessee Williams picture so bad I couldn’t stand it (if only it would have fit in my suitcase…KIDDING..or am I…). The picture rings so true. Some of the best memories in life seem to happen to music.


The building as a whole was gorgeous with a variety of food and entertainment conveniently located  inside. If you visit you’ll need to stop by the Hatch Print Show located inside the Omni. The Hatch Print Show is a historic letterpress shop and the history is very impressive.



The city is stunning, clean, super friendly, and there is live music on every corner. We enjoyed eating burgers and listening to live music. We sang along to some of the songs and enjoyed relaxing in the warm friendly atmosphere around us. Everyone was so friendly I almost wanted someone to be rude so I would feel at home! Friendliness is a rare find in my area (haha). There was a bit of random fun everywhere we went. for example, I had my picture taken with a cardboard version of Blake Shelton. I hope he’s taller than me in real life.


We found several gorgeous art displays throughout the city. The city is filled with unique art displays, musical references, friendly faces, and a touch of country charm everywhere you go. once again, when I go back I plan to take more pictures.



Last but not least this wouldn’t be an appropriate blog post if I didn’t talk a bit more about the shopping. Like I mentioned before we found a great mall that is very similar to an upper scale fashion mall in our area. It may have been better than ours because it had a Nordstrom, Dillards, and a Macy’s. It needed a Saks to complete the deal. The louis Vuitton store was fun. I’ve been on the hunt for a vintage piece and I spent about 30 mins viewing catalogs searching it out. Lastly, I scored this super cute j.Crew skirt for $20! I know, I know, awesome! Sorry for the quick mirror selfie but that is the best I could do!


Enjoy! If you’ve visited Nashville Tennessee let me know your fav shopping, hotels, or events! I would love to hear!