Time is my Friend


Time is a topic I love to discuss. Probably because of my love for the past, vintage, and history. I’ve posted my thoughts on time before. Time is a tricky thing. Often I feel time flies by without warning. Time is here, and present. Then, time is gone. Some of the most precious moments of my life arrived and disappeared so quickly. Time past as though it was a blink of an eye. Time is a wonderful mix of beautiful, kind, and cruel.

I’ve faced many heartaches and disappointments in my life. Through each of those struggles one thing remained consistent – Time still passed. The clock didn’t stop, time didn’t pause and give me a break. Time didn’t give respect to the issue at hand. Time continued without regard to whatever issue I faced.

Life is full of challenges and troubles. I can speak from my own experience when I say – No matter what issue I faced time passed and I had to  allow myself to hurt and then heal. The world didn’t stop for my troubles, issues, or broken heart. I believe time heals all, time continues, and all things will change with time. Also, I believe that I won’t know why some things happened and some didn’t. I won’t know why some issues worked out quickly while others took more time. What I do know is time continued, I learned from the battles, and there is a time and place for everything. Time is my friend, and I’ll grow with time.