Time Heals All


About a week ago I took a small road trip with one of my oldest and dearest friends to Tennessee. This was a first for us. In the 15+ years that we’ve been friends we have never set off on an adventure past our own backyards. While on the trip, several thoughts came to my mind about life.

I stood on my hotel balcony and stared out across a beautiful lake and into the gorgeous mountains of East Tennessee and I thought: Life is not always what we want, always what we need, or think we want and need. Life is what we make it. Also, sometimes we think we need to win a battle on our time. We count it as a loss if the outcome is not what we want or expect. Maybe I’m the only person who does this but I highly doubt it.

There have been many situations in my life that I have counted as a loss. Over the past year or so a new outlook has been developing inside me. Maybe what I counted as a loss is not truly a loss? Maybe, just maybe, I don’t see the full picture. There are many issues in my life that are ongoing and seem to be a situation I should give up on or count as a loss. Instead, I’m changing my views on these situations. I didn’t lose because the answer didn’t come in my time. Perhaps the answer hasn’t come yet. I think for many situations in life Time is the answer. Sometimes we think we have won when we really have lost and sometimes we think we lost when we really have won. I also think that sometimes the answers are not always the answers we want to hear, but guess what? They’re answers all the same.

What I need to change is my perspective. What good will come from always counting the loss? There are times when we need to be humble and we need to admit failure but we don’t need to live in the lost battle. During this process of changing my thoughts I’ve decided to keep looking for the good in the bad, waiting for time to work out things that only time can, being patient during times I don’t have all the answers, and knowing that I will win sometimes and I will lose sometimes and that is OK. I won’t be perfect and I will probably be guilty of a tantrum or two. Hey, I’m only human.