Skincare Loves

Man oh man do I have some skin treats for you. I’ve been wanting to write this post for what feels like a century. I kept thinking about writing it then I would get sidetracked. I finally decided it was time to just jump in and tell you the skincare products I’m currently using. There was a time I wasn’t very interested in my skincare. I mean, I wasn’t completely clueless but I didn’t try new products that often. In short, I thought I had all my skincare boxes checked. I was wrong.

In my 30’s I started noticing what I think are the usual signs of aging. I jumped head-first into some pricey products, drugstore products, luxe products, you name it and I was like – give me some of that. I also started playing with different makeup brands and application techniques in an attempt to use better products and get better skin. Little did I know some amazing products were hanging out in the beauty aisle at Target.

I started looking at Pixi products. My initial thoughts were sort of along the lines of eh I don’t know. Mainly because I’m sometimes weird about putting new products on my skin. I decided what the heck and I gave them a try. My first purchase was the Glow Mist. I loved it so of course, I knew I needed to try more products.

Next, I tried the Rose Oil Blend, Overnight Glow Serum, and Glow Mask. Here is what I loved about each product. Also, just so you know, I have very oily skin. So my fellow oily skin ladies, give these a try and see if they work for you. For me, they didn’t make me more oily or cause breakouts. Win-win.

Glow Mist – Freaking amazing to the say the least. I use this product in so many ways to achieve a hydrated and dewy glow. I spray it on my face on my no makeup days for a nice healthy dewy glow. I use it as a finishing spray after I apply my makeup for a dewy glow look. I also spray it on my shoulders and chest for guess… You guessed it, a dewy glow. This spray is a skin game changer for me.

Rose Oil Blend: In no exaggeration whatsoever, this oil has transformed my skin. My skin is softer, more even, and has fewer lines. When I use this oil my skin is hydrated, dewy, and glows. I don’t apply it directly to my skin. I add 3 drops to my moisturizer, mix it together, then apply. I find this leaves my skin glowing and the oil absorbs better with no sticky feeling afterward.

Overnight Glow Serum:  I alternate this serum every other night with the Rose Oil Blend. At first, I thought it burned when I applied it. After a second try, I didn’t feel a burn. This product leaves my skin feeling smooth and my complexion is more even. It has also helped to lighten some post-acne red marks on my cheeks.

Glow Mask:  This mask is one of the best masks I’ve ever used. It goes on smooth and dries quickly. It keeps my t-zone looking and feeling blackhead free and clean. The only tip I have for you is be careful around your eyebrows. You will lose some eyebrow hair if you pull it off. Lastly, pull it off carefully because it does its job and removes blackheads but you don’t want to lose skin in the process.

Kind of want to go wash my face now 🙂

Skincare Loves