little Gina Lee

I’ve decided to post some of my work as I prepare to finally round down to the launch of the book. To be honest, I am behind a little bit. I also think these little peaks are fun. As I post my writings, they will all live under the “word gallery”.  I may branch out into other platforms but for now, I’m happy to start here.

The meaning of this entire project is – I’m revisiting the pas. Past events, past people, past thoughts, and past memories. I’m talking to ghosts through words.

In my mind, I keep picturing one of my most innocent and funny childhood memories. When I was about 4 or 5 years old my parents were doing some remodeling work in our home. My mom had placed a large wall mirror up against the wall of the living room. Somehow the mirror ended up flat on the floor. Olivia Newton-John “let’s get physical” was playing in the background. I took all my clothes off except for my matching underwear and tank top and danced my heart out. I didn’t care who was watching or what I looked like. Now, here we are, I’m writing my heart out and I don’t care who’s watching.