The Leather Mini

You’ve seen this skirt before (post here) and guess what? I still love it. I never thought I would love a leather mini skirt. I just always felt like a leather mini skirt was a standout piece I didn’t need. I mean, where would I wear a leather mini skirt? I’ll tell you where, anywhere I dang well please, that’s where. Standout pieces are a great way to build your wardrobe. You can take the most basic outfit and make it stand out with the right bold, unique, or vintage pieces.

The trick is fabric, textures, and patterns. For example, I love to wear all black outfits. An all-black outfit can easily look boring if the fabrics and textures are all the same. With the right mix of pieces, you can make an all-black palette standout. To keep your look bold but sleek, don’t go overboard and use the standout pieces sparingly. For this outfit, I used a leather mini as my bold piece and I loved the end result. Adding OTK boots made the look bolder but it can easily be transformed with heels or even sneakers.  Just have fun with it.

My recommendation for standout pieces is don’t spend a ton unless you know you love the item. For the leather mini, I kept the price cheap because likely I’ll get over the look quickly.  For other items such as bags and shoes, I’ll spend according to wear and overall value. Manly because I tend to like shoes and bags longer than actual clothing items. If I know I’ll get more wears than I don’t mind spending more. I like to think of my wardrobe as cumulative but not in quantity. Cumulative in quality. More quality pieces and fewer quantity pieces. The more I narrow my closet down the more outfits I can see. when it comes to building your wardrobe and buying standout pieces less is more.

Leather Minis