I’m a Blogger

It’s no secret I had a blog meltdown. If it’s new news to you hope over and read this post. Well, I’m back and ready to tackle the blog world for another round. Why? Because I’m creative like that. You can’t just go around quitting everything you get tired of. I mean, yeah, I could quit blogging but deep down I like expressing myself. What about all of the emotions, life thoughts, and personal things I said? Did those feelings just disappear? Ah no, they didn’t, but I’m feeling much better. So what is the solution? Perhaps, the solution was there all along. First, let’s talk about blogging.

The current state of blogging in my mind is rough. I feel the blog world is saturated with overly curated moments, fake images, fake brand reputation, and representation, fake fake fake. It’s as though blog world has turned into a school cafeteria and we are all hoping to sit with the cool kids. But wait, that sounds really negative, doesn’t it? Uh yeah! It does. Who am I to lump all of the blog world into one category and label it fake. I don’t want that kind of mindset about anything including blogging.

Now let’s talk personally for a minute. What about all of the emotions I’m feeling concerning life and blogging? I’m riding the waves of life. I’m going to experience weird times, sad times, and happy times because I’m human. We all have them and that is that. Quitting blogging isn’t going to erase it.  I’ve reached a solution to my blog woes. Perhaps, the solution is in how I express myself. If I’m so worried about fake things I can be real. Well, as real as possible. If I’m experiencing something in life that affects me happy or sad perhaps sharing it will make me relatable and help someone else. isn’t that what it’s all about?

The solution has been there are all along. Let’s go back to the beginning when I started this blog. I didn’t know much about blogging back then but I knew enough to write this part on my about me page:

I’m Regina, and my blog is where Life meets Style. My blog is based on a love of mixing practical, luxury, and vintage pieces. I label my blog a Life & Style blog because I’m sharing much more than my lifestyle. I have a deep desire to share my personal style, faith, and life experiences with the hope someone will find something which inspires them. My desire is to change the world of blogging with one real post at a time.

A few years later and that is still true. I’m Regina, I want to be real, relatable, and to change the world of blogging one real post at a time. I’m going to write about life, real life, ups, downs, in-between, things I love, things I don’t love, products, outfits, and whatever else pops up. I’m going to get sick of it, I’m going to make mistakes, but I’m not quitting on a whim. I’m going to be creative and create what I love. I’m going to grow but I’m not going to focus on blog world like I once did.  I’m here to create on my space. This is my space to create. I’m going back to the beginning and doing what I said I was going to do. Feels good.