How Do I Look?

How do I look?

Appearance has been on my heart and mind so much lately. Appearance is everywhere we look. It’s in my face everywhere I go. Here goes for an example:  Monday is sloppy because I’m sure to wake up late and have 15 minutes to get dressed. Tuesday and Wednesday are a slight improvement in my general appearance and by Thursday and Friday I have it down and I will probably look pretty decent.

Appearance is everywhere I go and everywhere I look outside of my own bathroom mirror. If I have a meeting I figure I better look nice and dress to impress. If I have an appointment I have to think of what is appropriate to wear. Appearance is in my face when I go to the store, the bank, drive down the road, and when I dare to venture into the mall. The point is that everywhere we go we are shown something on an image level. Dresses in windows and sunglasses at the checkout. Image and attire are an important part of our lives.

Image and Attitude

Now let me talk about image and attitude for a minute. What is the point of me leaving my house in the morning dressed in my best if I am going to have a nasty attitude? So I can be the nicest dressed meanest lady ever?

I’m not saying that I walk around smiling from ear to ear all the time because I don’t and I would be a huge liar if I said I did. It’s a rainy day world we live in and we all have problems and sorrows we battle. I have been known to get mad in drive-thrus and the pick-up line at the elementary school. Why? Because I can’t stand when people don’t flow with traffic. What is more important than what I dress in each day is my attitude. It’s what people judge me by. Some people will remember a fabulous pair of shoes but I bet they will remember a genuinely nice personality more.

Now let’s get this out, I do have personal beliefs in modesty that are between me and God. I also can’t say I have always listened and honored those beliefs but they are in me. I can also say that no matter the level of modesty we hold we can throw mud all over it with a bad attitude more so than someone who doesn’t hold the same standard. Why? Because when you hold standards you stick out more and, believe it or not, people notice. The one thing I know is I don’t want my heart and my mind to forget that more importantly my attitude is a reflection of God in me.

How I want to look on the inside and outside

I want my outward image to reflect God in me. Most of all I want my attitude, my heart, my thoughts, and the desires of my heart to show God in me. I want to remember that modesty is inside as well as outside. My mission from here on out is to let my little light shine even when my mood is rainy.