Hello 30

So, I’ve said before that turning 30 fueled the blog. I’ve been thinking of writing out life, my thoughts, and experiences for awhile now but for some reason just figured that it had no point. It may not, but regardless I have this new passion to share in hopes of making someone, anyone have a better day. I also have this new sense of weird wonder (I’m saying this with a very magical tone in my head right now). I wonder if anyone else has felt this way?

Well, since turning 30 there has been this invisible light switch inside my mind that has suddenly flipped on. I find I’m interested in things I’ve never been interested in before. I’m more aware of my surroundings, my daydreams have grown in size, I have new fears, and old fears have seemed to just die without warning.

My want list has grown in a good way. I used to focus on physical wants, bigger house, nicer car, new boots (I love shoes). Now I want for things that are not physical objects. I want to be home more, I want LIFE. I want to enjoy sunsets, walks, the dog, the cat, and my nasty dinners. I want to just enjoy life instead of waiting for life to happen because LIFE is happening each and every day in front of our faces.

Where did time go?

I keep asking myself where did time go? The other day I was 17 and trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. Years have soared by, yet one thing has stayed the same. The rat race of life. I refuse to be part of this race another day. I have many goals that are set for the next 30 years.

One is to slow down and enjoy my life and the people around me more. The other is to love people more. I want to really love everyone around me and consider them and not me for once. How many people are near us today that don’t know how special they are to someone? Are they special to anyone? With that said I’m making it a personal goal to love more and be vocal about it. Prepare people! I don’t care how many people give me weird looks. Life is too short not to love with all your heart and be kind to one another. So hello 30 and goodbye past 30, I appreciate all the memories we shared, and I look forward to the next 30 years.