Gliss Hair Repair with Schwarzkopf

I have a quick post I want to share about two products I’m currently using. I’ve got a couple of these quick posts in draft because I have some awesome products in my beauty routine right now. I received the Extra Volume and Oil Nutritive Spray c/o of Schwarzkopf and both products are fantastic. I have to use a serum or oil of some kind after each wash in order to detangle my hair. The oil spray is lightweight and left my hair easy to comb. Exactly what I need and want.

I absolutely love the smell of this oil. Have you ever smelled something and it feels like you smelled it before? Or it reminds you of something? That is how I feel about this oil but I can’t put my finger on it. Sometimes oils claim to be lightweight but they aren’t. I’ve found many oils to be heavy and my hair will look oily pretty quickly. This oil isn’t like that all. Some days I’m not careful at all while I spray and I get crazy with it. Even on the days, I get overly spray crazy my hair is never oily or weighed down. Oh, but don’t spray on your roots, spray from about midlength down to the ends of your hair only.

The volume spray is also pretty awesome. When I use this product I spray it on my roots and blowdry my hair upside down. The result is big hair with lots of volume. Unlike the oil, I have to be easy with this spray and not go all spray crazy. If I get spray crazy my hair will feel a bit too heavy. I’m linking both products below! I’ll add these products are a struggle to find and I’m not sure why. From what I’ve found they are available at CVS, Walgreens, and Target. If you’ve used them let me know if you liked them! I’d love to hear!

Nutritive Oil / Volume Spray