The Best Tools to Help Grow your Blog

How do I grow my blog? and How do I make money blogging? These are the most asked questions I receive. There is no exact answer to these questions but I can give you some tips to get you on a good path of what will work for you personally. For this post, I’m going to give you a few tools I use to grow my blog authentically. Authentically? Yes, authentically. These tools are not get rich quick schemes. They’re tools that will help you reach readers but you won’t get rich or become an Insta hit overnight. I could easily go on and on about authentic engagement but I’m going to do my best to keep it straight to the point.

This post is not sponsored but it does contain affiliate or referral links to the tools I use. 


When it comes to growing my blog I like to use tools that are user-friendly, not overly costly, and of course – work. When I discovered MiloTree, I was like heck to the yeah! Milotree is a pop-up you can customize to promote many social platforms with. I’m currently using it to promote my Instagram account.

At first, I thought a pop-up may be annoying but I was already using a pop-up email subscriber form. No one complained about it so I didn’t worry much about annoyance. I simply traded out my email pop-up for Milotree. If you’re worried about annoying your readers you can set a number of days you want to be spaced between the next pop-up and you can disable it on mobile. MiloTree is easy to install, easy to set up, has excellent customer service, and is customizable to match your blog. Best of all, It costs under 10/mo.

Tail Wind

Tailwind may be my favorite tool of all time. I received a $15 referral from Lindsay Humes when she designed a previous theme for my blog. By the way, my current theme is an LH theme so if you like it hop over and check Lindsay out. I could easily add her to this list of tools just based on her extensively helpful blog posts about everything blogging related. She has a vast amount of useful advice when it comes to blogging.

Now back to Tailwind, I signed up with the $15 credit then I didn’t finish setting up my account until months down the road. At the time of the referral, I was exhausted with blogging and just didn’t have it in me to learn a new tool. Aout two months ago I decided to give it a shot. I’m so glad I did. I’m currently using Tailwind to grow my Pinterest account and the results have been steady and positive.

You can schedule all of your Pinterest posts ahead of time, chose boards to pin to, and review analytics on the pins you posted. I love the ability to be able to schedule ahead of time. At first, I was worried that it would take away from the realness or authenticity in my engagement but that was far from true. If anything, I’m more engaged now because I love being able to login to Tailwind and see my scheduled posts and pin activity. I’ve also enjoyed seeing new followers and re-pins because I’m discovering new people with boards I enjoy. The cost is rough $80 yr. but the price is worth it for me.


Let’s talk about the importance of quality hosting. SiteGround is a hosting company so it isn’t necessarily a tool directed towards social growth but it’s a valuable resource. I made the switch to SiteGround about 3 years ago and it’s the best decision I made as a new blogger. Having a reliable host is crucial for increasing engagement in my opinion. You don’t want readers coming to your site and not being able to view it or your content.

It’s important that my site be fast, free of crashes, and that I have access to tools and resources that help me resolve issues when they arise. SiteGround has helped me restore my site when I’ve made mistakes that caused issues to my site, walked me through domain changes, and answered countless technical questions. They helped me Google verify my account, gave me resource articles about Google Webmaster Tools, and fixed it when I crashed my own site, oops. Seriously, make the switch to SiteGround.

Lastly, what kind of style blogger would I be if I didn’t throw some pretty purses and shoes in here? Here is a list of a couple things I have my eye on.