Good Vibes Only

I have tons to talk about so I’m going to get this outfit out the way real quick. How wonderful are all the shades of purple? So wonderful! Especially now that Fall is in swing and the scenery is changing to gold tones (well, it is in Indiana). I feel vibrant and I’m loving all the different tones of Fall. I wore this dress all summer and I love it. It’s just a simple Target find and I plan to sweater, boots, and tights this bad boy up all Fall/Winter. I have a few of my favorite Fall dresses, sweaters, and boots linked in the bottom of the post. All the pieces are based on some of the colors I’m loving right now. Now, on to other stuff.

Good Vibes Only

Good vibes only. That is my motto lately. I want to surround myself with positive vibes only. What good comes from negativity? I can’t think of any. Sure sometimes we have troubles and we learn and we grow as people and individuals but I’m talking about negativity in general. What good comes from a bad attitude or being mean in general. In my opinion, not much. I’m guilty of a bad attitude or two, especially when I’m working. When I have my eye on the prize and I’m in the zone I become consumed with the finish line.

I’m very goal oriented and I think I can do anything, which is good sometimes but not if I have negativity associated. So in general, I want to work on the good vibes I take in and the good vibes I put out. It’s easy to say I’m going to only associate with good vibes but what about the vibes I give off to others? I’m working on doing both, taking the good in and putting good out. This is an ongoing process for me because I always have a huge goal list. I’ve posted before here about how I need to learn to slow down. Well, here I am again saying I need to slow it down and enjoy the process to every goal I have in place. Wait, there is more. Not only do I need to enjoy the process, I need to make sure I’m surrounding myself with good energy and putting good energy out. I also want to make sure I’m keeping those close to me uplifted as well. Less me and more others is what I’m talking about. Here’s how I plan to have good vibes only.

Less Me

I want to put less me into my life. I don’t intend to quit goal chasing but I’m going to slow it down and spread some love to those around me. I want to stop and consider if I’ve thought about the goals those close to me have. Can I help them? Can I guide them in any way? Maybe I can assist others somehow or teach them something. If not, I can still show support. Simple as that, I want to show more love to those around me. I want less me in my train of thought and more of the needs of others.

More Him

Wait, what about God? I’ll confess, I am spiritual and I love God with all my heart but I have failed at giving him a place in my life. Sure, he’s there and he listens to every selfish prayer I throw up. Real talk, I stopped to think about how much I pray for myself and I feel ashamed. I want to back up and refocus my relationship with God. I want God to be in front of my goals and decisions. I also want to pray for others as I support them and show them more love. More God and less of things that just don’t matter.

More Realness

Speaking of things that just don’t matter, nonsense. Nonsense just doesn’t matter so less nonsense and more realness. I’m working to remove nonsense from my life and focus on things that matter. People, real life, my faith, family, and then personal goals. I’m not going to let things that have no real relevance upset or take away from the good vibes I want to soak up. I’m not going to let my mind be so goal oriented that I lose sight of what is real in my life.


Photo Credit: Liz Paveza / Misfit 29 / @thismisfitliz