This is one of my favorites. Heads up, I’m likely to say that at least 50 more times. I think it’s perfectly fine to be in love with my own words. I poured my heart into every word of everything I’ve written. So far, everyone enjoys an interpretation of the words. So here is a small glimpse of the way these words look in my mind, broken down by line.

you wake up every day consumed in flames.

This person is on fire daily in so many ways. Maybe they are burning with ideas, passion, happiness, or even sadness. Either way, whatever it is they are feeling, they are on fire.

flames in your mind.

These emotions are in their mind. Maybe they haven’t spoken them out loud yet. Maybe only they know. Either way, the flames are in their mind.

flames at your fingers.

The emotions are right on the edge of their fingers. Maybe they desire to say something, do something, or be something different. The urge and the flames sit at their fingertips every day.

and raging fires at your feet.

Raging fires burn are at their feet. This person is either struggling or is doing something they truly love. The mystery is the beauty of these words.  Whatever is happening, it’s burning at this person’s fingertips and at their feet every day.

is there any way to contain your heat.

The question is, is there any way to contain the person? Or maybe it’s a statement that already has an answer. Can they be helped or can they be slowed down? This person could be out of control in whatever is happening around them.

you burn everything you touch.

This person burns everything they touch. Is this a good or bad thing? As I said, the beauty of the words is rooted in the mystery.