There are tons of little things you can do to boost your self-confidence and there are countless resources out there on the topic. For me, confidence is both an inside and outside process. Meaning, confidence requires both some internal dialogue and some outside work. (Disclaimer: I’m not a self-help coach. These are just the things I have found that help me be more confident as a woman).

Stop comparing yourself to others 

I’ve talked about the comparison game before (post here).  The post was geared more towards comparing yourself to other bloggers but the same principles apply here. You have to stop comparing yourself to other people. You are you and that is enough. Of course, we all look at other people and gather what I like to call people inspiration. I look at other women all the time and think her hair is pretty, I like that outfit, etc etc. When I say stop comparing yourself to others I mean this: Stop comparing yourself negatively to others. Comparing yourself negatively to others will only destroy your confidence. Instead, gather your people inspiration and move on.

Say nice things to yourself

Internal dialogue is key. I know this sounds silly but don’t try to act like you don’t talk to yourself. Or, am I crazy? Don’t answer that ha! I talk to myself and I do my best to use the same respect I would give to others. I’m by no means perfect at this but I work on it. It’s very easy to fall into a rut of saying mean things to ourselves. We tend to always think there is something we can improve or change about ourselves. People are a work in progress in many areas but don’t get caught up in thinking you have to change because you’re not enough. This applies to beauty and life in general. Try to say nice things to yourself. Be kind and gentle with yourself. You’re going to make mistakes. Get up, brush the dirt off, and get back in the game. Don’t wallow in self-doubt or failures. It’s a waste of time. Instead, learn and move on.

It’s the little things

This will also sound silly but it works. Learn to treat yourself. Simple things like investing some time into getting dressed for the day. Wearing a new outfit. A haircut. New shoes. A manicure or pedicure. It doesn’t have to cost a ton but treat yourself sometimes. Little perks to my mood and my appearance always boost my confidence. It’s called retail therapy for a reason. I bought 5 Mac lipsticks last week (returned 3) because I felt crappy. I’m not ashamed and if it makes me sound vain oh well. Lipstick helped my mood and it helped my confidence level because shade “brave” looks amazing. Treat yourself sometimes because you deserve to invest some time into yourself. if you constantly allow people to take from you there won’t be anything left to take or give. So put some you back into you.

Let the bad times flow

You’re going to have days where you just feel crappy. It is what it is. Those days may drag on sometimes but it’s just a phase of life. be kind, be gentle, and allow yourself room to feel like crap. I like to be open and honest in my posts. I’ll be 100% with you. Turning 35 has been rough for me. It’s been rough for a bit as I’ve learned to accept and adapt to my changing skin and body. I’ve battled a bit of a self-esteem issue for the past few months. I’m learning to let the bad times flow and enjoy the good times. I’m learning daily that I will have good days, days I feel like a troll, days I feel like a superstar and days where I don’t care one way or the other. Current mood: Superstar. Check back tomorrow and it may be troll.

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