Meet Christinabtv!

I have a goal for The Every Day Mix, each week, I want to feature a Lifestyle, fashion, or beauty blogger who motivates, inspires, or who keeps me informed with great content. Why? Because I want to create a space where I can positively encourage those who encourage me. Blog world is this amazing virtual space where I find myself motivated, inspired, or educated on a new topic by people who I have never met! How amazing is that?! So amazing!

So this week, meet Christina from Christinabtv! I have the pleasure of knowing Christina in real life because she is best friends with one of my childhood friends. Over the past few months, we’ve become blog friends who share a love of shopping. Christina is an excellent source for luxe loves and her posts give straightforward advice on how to make the best luxe purchases. If you’re a luxe lover you have to check out her blog and YouTube channel!