Book Updates

Real quickly, here is an update on my book progress. I’m done writing and I don’t plan on adding any more words to the book. I spent the last several days going through and removing poems I no longer like, editing typos, and organizing the pages of the book.

I’ll be honest, I’m sort of surprised I made it this far. I always daydreamed of maybe organizing my work but I didn’t think I’d actually do it. I did it and now I just need to make the actual leap to put the book out into the public.

More honesty, I’ve been dragging my feet a bit because I’m a bit scared of feedback and criticism, both good and bad. I guess because the words I’ve written are deeply personal on a whole new level. These words are words from many aspects of my life and from my imagination. I know when we put content out into the world, we should expect feedback and criticism. Still, though, it’s scary and vulnerable.

While I’m editing and getting ready to make the book public, I’ve decided to share some of my favorite pieces on the blog with some of the meaning behind the words. I don’t want to add the story behind the words to every piece because I want the reader to make their own interpretation, I think that’s the fun part. In the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing some of my favorites.