Blogging Needs a Hero

Blogging, what has it become? For me, I feel as though blogging has become a place of scam tactics. The grind is get more followers, land more brands, get more people to signup, make that money, etc. etc. The end result has become one shady sales tactic after another. Bloggers have lost personal connections or never had them to begin with. Their followers are another number, another view, another screenshot for LiketoKnowIt or link to buy an outfit (did I spell that correctly? I don’t care one way or the other to be honest). Trust me I get it, bloggers need to make money and people sometimes want to buy their outfits but it still leaves me feeling sort of sad. I want authentic interactions back. I want to see genuine comments and likes. I want to know people really like what I’m posting.

I can tell when a blogger’s comments are coming from a pod. I can tell when the voice is real and authentic. I can tell when you don’t care what you’re posting about and you just want that affiliate link or Nordstrom sale item on your pic. I can feel the fake content. I can feel the ad before I ever get to the #ad part. I can feel the forced content. I see you all wearing the same outfit and talking about how you love it so much. I can feel the cliques, the mean girl culture, and I can even feel the burnout some bloggers have. So what do we do? What should we do? Do we need a blog hero? Where is blogger Batman and who will save us from this fake nightmare? I’m holding on for a hero (I’m being purposely dramatic here).

Bloggers can be the hero we need. We need to put some human back into it. We need to be real again. We need to be honest. We can work with brands and not work with every brand. I know it’s hard when you’re a new blogger. All you want is that first collaboration. We need to be ourselves. We need to see followers as more than numbers. We can #ad and not sound like a dang robot. We can get out of the bathroom sink in 4in wedges and show how we really use that Dyson Blowdryer (I see you). I’m not saying we can’t have fun and be creative in our pictures but I would like to see more real life put back into blogging. You can produce creative or editorial style content and have a real voice. Some of my favorite bloggers post extravagant, artistic, and creative photos and still have an authentic voice.

With that said, I understand the competitiveness of blogging. I’ve been denied by LiketoKnowit 3 times while other bloggers with lower numbers and 3 posts on their brand new blogs are being approved daily. It’s weird and I’m a touch bitter about it ha! Blogging is a vulnerable thing. People will say mean things and criticize you for being a blogger. Lower follower counts most of the time means less opportunity. It’s a be big or go home game and that has led to some of the fakenesses but we have to put some authenticity back into it before we all look like a late-night infomercial. For the love of everything lets put some realness back.

Bloggers, let’s be the hero blog world needs. Create a code of ethics for yourself as a blogger. Be firm with brands. Work with only brands you truly want to work with and be honest in your opinion. You can be honest and not destroy a brands reputation or be offensive. Since when did dislike of a product mean you have to shred them? Just be honest and professional. Be upfront with your ethics from the beginning and there won’t be any surprises. We have to put some authenticity back into blogging because if we don’t – more bloggers are being born daily and they will mimic what others are doing. We don’t need more crazy blog kids running around. Rant done. This is real talk.