Beauty Lasers. Say What?

Beauty Lasers. I can’t even believe I used a product with the word laser in it. I did and here I am writing about it. Tria Beauty sent me the Smooth Beauty laser and it took me some time to get the courage up to use it. I watched videos, read reviews, read the instructions, and then let me co-worker try it out. When in doubt test on someone else.  She lived so I thought alright, I’ll try this thing out. I finally have a review for you.

Disclaimer: I’m not a beauty laser expert and when in doubt don’t really test products on your friends. My suggestion is to talk to an esthetician, dermatologist, or an actual skin care expert. As with my entire blog, this post is based on my opinions and results. Your experience may differ. 

What is the Smooth Beauty Laser?

The Tria Smooth Beauty laser is a non-ablative fractional laser that stimulates collagen production. As we age, we lose collagen and collagen is the key to the plump youthful skin. I may have this wrong, but the way I understand the process is like this – The laser stimulates collagen because it creates microscopic tears deep in the skin. The microscopic tears signal your body to form new collagen to heal the damage. Sounds terrifying yet cool to me.

Treatment Levels

There are three treatment levels to the laser. Training level, and treatment level 1 and 2. I started at training level 1 and quickly decided it was too painful for me. It wasn’t really that painful and I tend to be a baby. The instructions with the laser will outline the treatment zones, times, how to hold the laser, etc. I quit the whining and started using the laser nightly on my forehead and in-between my eyes. After the first 2 uses, I felt like my pores and texture between my eyes improved. This made me brave enough to start treating the rest of my face.

What to expect 

First thing first, my skin is oily and tends to be on the sensitive side. I am very quick to turn red and stay red. Due to my sensitivity, I stayed on the training level for about 2 weeks. I then moved to treatment level 2. I haven’t used treatment level 3 yet and I’m not sure if I ever will.  Training level 1 feels like tiny pinpricks. Treatment level 2 feels like stronger pinpricks. My skin is red afterward and has a burning sensation. By morning my face feels normal and isn’t red. It feels similar to a sunburn and sometimes I will have very mild swelling.

I make sure to pay attention to my skin. If my face feels dry, I skip a day or so. If my skin feels irritated, I don’t treat it for a day or two. You need to really pay attention to how your skin reacts to the laser. If I treat more than two days in a row I will sometimes have a crunchy feel to my skin and slight peeling. Once again, really read the instructions and pay attention to your skin. Don’t just go hard. Work your way up and pay close attention.

My nightly routine 

My nightly routine is pretty straightforward. I’m currently using the laser about 4 times a week. I  start with freshly washed skin. I’m currently using this cleanser. I start treatment on my forehead then move to my cheeks and chin. I’m currently on treatment level 2 and it’s uncomfortable, my skin will be red, and burns when I’m done. After I’m finished I follow up with a mask and moisturizer or just moisturizer. It depends on how my skin feels afterward.


My skin concerns are pore size, fine lines, and texture. I’ve been using the laser for about 4-5 weeks. So far, I feel like my skin texture has somewhat improved. I’ve been doing a couple other skincare treatments at a medi-spa that have induced some breakouts. Due to the breakouts, I can’t decide how I truly feel about my texture but overall I feel like it has somewhat improved.

I also feel like the pores on my cheeks are a bit smaller. I absolutely hate the pores on my cheeks. I’m not exaggerating when I say they are giant. Aging and oily skin for me has meant giant pores on my t-zone. Any improvement for me is a good thing. I don’t think the laser promises anything related to pore size but I feel like the pore size has somewhat improved. I also feel like some of the red acne marks/scars from recent breakouts have improved. Lastly, I feel like my skin has more of a glow to it and I have never felt like my complexion glows. There have even been a couple times that my husband has said “why do you look all glowy and healthy?”. I’ll that that!

Even though I don’t feel like my skin has had a huge breakthrough of any kind I do plan to continue using the laser. I feel it is doing something and when I use it I feel good about if that makes any sense at all. I also feel like the small improvements I’ve seen are worth it.


The laser is a bit pricey at $495. Also, any product comes with concerns and negative reviews. I read some reviews that left me feeling uneasy. Most of the negative reviews centered around the functioning of the actual product such as battery life and charging issues. There were also reviews that said some people experienced hyperpigmentation, fat loss in their face, and red marks that didn’t go away for a few days. I haven’t experienced any of the listed negative info. fingers crossed because so far I really like the laser and I intend to keep using it.