Back to the start

I think blogging is still misunderstood by most people. I think people are sort of stumped by what bloggers do. Even though it seems like everyone is a blogger there is still a certain mystery about it. Blog world is a weird place. It has cliques and you can either be in them, out of them, or no one knows you exist to even be in a clique. I think I fall somewhere in-between all three and I’m very happy about it. I don’t want to be in the blog cliques, I don’t have a mass following but I have loyal readers, and there is a whole world out there with no idea I exist. I think that is where I want to remain as a blogger because it seems so unhappy to be an “it” blogger. That is a whole other story though! For this post, I’m talking about how I started blogging and what blogging means to me.

I started blogging back in 2013 on Blogger. I wrote some short and sweet posts about life and family. I have no idea what I wanted to truly accomplish other than having a creative outlet and a dream that maybe someone would feel inspired by something I had written. I had no idea what I was doing and it was amazing. I wasn’t consistent with writing posts and to be honest it was scary to put content out into internet world.

Even though I had no idea what I truly wanted to accomplish as a blogger I knew I wasn’t fashion obsessed. I enjoy fashion but it isn’t what truly moved me. I knew I wanted to express my life and life experiences. I have experienced some things in this life and I had and still have this hope that someone can learn, be comforted, or inspired by some of the experiences I have been through. I have faith in God, I’ve loved, I’ve been mistreated, I’ve lost a young child, I’ve at times been frozen in fear of the unknown, and I’ve found amazing internal strength as I’ve overcome these major life obstacles. I want to help someone through my words who may need it. I guess the best way to say it is blogging is a creative outlet for me, a business, and a place to express myself while hopefully inspiring someone else.

It’s not all heavy stuff though. I’m not going to lie, I may not be fashion-obsessed but I do love some pretty clothes, shoes, and bags so of course, I want to talk about that as well. I also had all of this knowledge to share from various areas. I owned a boutique for a short time and I currently own a boutique style social media and web design company. I had and have all of this knowledge brewing inside of me to share with others. I knew my blog would be a mix of topics. In 2015, I moved my little blog to WordPress and The Every Day Mix was born. I started learning as much as I could. There was so much to learn! It was a fun and crazy time. I started writing sort of consistently, putting effort into social media, learning tons and tons about site design, and just having a fun time. I remember when I got my first brand collaboration. I was like ohhhhhh I have made it! 

In the beginning, I had some self-doubt to work through and it felt so weird for the focus to be on me as a person. I remember feeling very much like it was a self-absorbed thing to do. It felt weird to have my photograph taken, it felt weird to assume someone would even care about my style, and it felt weird to let friends, family, and strangers read it. It still feels weird sometimes, to be honest. Blogging can be a tricky thing if you’re a private person. Even though I want to share life experiences I’m still a very private person. I don’t put my family into the blog world and I do my best to respect the privacy of my family socially. I’m just like that and I plan to keep it that way.

If I didn’t start a blog I would not have learned all of the things that allowed me to expand professionally. My social media company wouldn’t exist, I wouldn’t have formed some great relationships, and I wouldn’t know about some great brands. I’ll probably never be a super popular blogger and I’m happy with that since I am a private person. For me, blogging is a creative place where I hope to inspire someone with real posts about real life mixed with my style. It’s a space where I create and express my life and knowledge. It is a space that has inspired me and at times let me down. This is how I got started blogging and what blogging means to me. I really hope you find something you love on this little space.